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Hohete Tibeb Share Company is a local non-governmental institution which is highly devoted to promote the quality of education in Ethiopia.

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Online Exam

A portal enabling students to practice for their up-coming national examinations, through our new Online Examination System for grades 8,10 and 12. Created for all school children in exam periods- Practice makes perfect! For more info

Corporate Training

The way your team members communicate between themselves and customers is very important in the work place. It is essential your staff know how to communicate professionally in all aspects of work to give a good impression and enhance the brand image.

Publishing and Printing

This planned expansion is expected to provide 50% of our total revenues. The output from this undertaking will include specifically targeted educational materials as well as titles targeted to appeal to the general reading public.


HTSC has the physical infrastructure needed to accommodate over 5,000 students, and provide them with quality education. The Company is also continually upgrading its facilities, thus further enhancing the comfort of every participant in the teaching and learning process

Our School Branch's

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Visit our Ethio-Parents School website for Admission and other information.


We are Leading Education since 1995G.C. we are well experienced on the school system and school management.


we are well known in Ethiopia education system by providing quality education for student by supporting the school system by education


We are certified in Ethiopian school system and recognized in every aspect of education sector from Kg – 12 Grade

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Investing on education since 1995 G.C. We are well Experienced and Support education by Technology 

Best Industry Leaders

Well established education system which is assisted by highly qualified and dedicated academicians and support staff

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

We are developing a Technology infrastructure where student take class online.

Professional Certification

We are certified in Ethiopian school system and recognized in every aspect of education sector from Kg - 12 Grade

Trusted by Thousand of Students.

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